Saturday, 18 October 2014

Why So Serious?

Good Morning Chummies! (well it's morning for me anyway!)

I'm up fresh and early this morning after a fairly late night last night and I am ready to kick the crap out of this shitty-weathered Saturday.  I was out last night with ma grrrls and made quite the night of it. Theme of the night was fancy so we stuck on our party dressed and proceeded to the dance-floor (check out the pretty dresses here.. ohhhhh!).

Something I always go by on a night out is to ensure you have a giggle and make the trip worth your time.  I spent so much of my late teens going to clubs I hated with girls who wanted to look sexy and constantly check themselves in the bathrooms every ten minutes. I could never really understand why this was the popular thing to do for fun. But I'm just guessing that sexy ain't ma thaang.

Now, with the confidence that nobody cares what you look like when you're pulling shapes (and anyone who does is just a wee root!), I have had some of the best nights banter! It really doesn't matter who is there, as long as you are there with friends and there's a dancable beat then you have no excuse but to make craic. It can be quite dangerous and I have actually pulled a muscle right up my inner thigh from dem high-kicks - but all very worth it.

Tonight me and a few ones are going out to the Tease-O-Rama  to see beautiful lady friend Nuala Rude do her thaang (get your butts down to see this one at 8.30!). It's really great to see Belfast hosting awesome nights like this and swing dancing nights (which we are starting classes for!). It's something different for a night out and I wholeheartedly support it!

Aye, so onto the featured outfit. This top was sent in from Motel Rocks (months ago! #BadBlogger) as a part of a two-piece but the skirt was far too small for my booty so I teamed it with this vintage skirt from.. you've guessed it! Yellow Submarine Belfast! The top was the perfect burst of colour to the outfit and I love the cropped fitting on it. 
Midi-skirts / full skirt dresses have been filling up in my wardrobe and my personal style is becoming more mature. I think I have always had pretty good knowledge on how to dress for my shape, but my silhouette is becoming more classic (unintentionally) and I like dat. In saying that, I am still going to keep wearing smock dresses like the child I am.

Hope you lot have the perfect weekend planned, and throw some shapes
(if you're into boogying!).

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Breaking the Law

Hey Chummies!

Long time no blog..I'd like to have something to blame it on specifically, but I really don't. Life gets in the way and sometimes friendships and family take the front seat, while work and hobbies get put on hold for a while.

There's a change in the air now. Summer Lovin' is over and the X-Factor is replacing cocktails and Barbecues - Everyone is preparing for winter hibernation, and Kimono's are being replaced with beautiful big winter coats.

This summer has been one of the best summers of my life and I have really changed so much through it. My friends have never been closer to my heart and I feel such a sister-hood bond with all of my girlfriends. Flip sake I am such  a soppy mess, but it is true.

My flatmate moved up to Belfast last month and it has genuinely been the most pleasant living arrangement I have ever had. Our flat is now beautifully decorated and we have started small traditions (ie: wine and GIRLS over dinner, before bedtime sofa sessions and morning wake up calls). She is an amazing artist and human, and you can get to know her a little more off her blog, here. Hopefully she gets into it more because she has a great nack for writing and interesting thoughts.

My job has been going really great and I am really enjoying getting to know the usual customers and all of the best bits (ie : dressing the mannequins, social networking and sorting through deliveries). You should take a look at the instagram and facebook to see all of the pretty things that come in! Another amazing thing is Briony (one of my closest friends) will be starting this Friday as a weekend-er. This is amazing as I will be able to take small trips away..and also because I will be working with an absolute treat. I know she will do so well in there and I am really excited to hear her ideas!

The only downfall from the last month is Students in Belfast. Parking has been a total and utter pain in the arse and I ended up having to park too close to a corner a fortnight ago. This resulted in a flippin' parking ticket and I had to pay a fine. But hey! At least the outfit I wore to court looked pretty. This blouse was bought for me last Christmas and I am just starting to wear it more often now - the fur collar was a nice spin on the classic white shirt.
I am also wearing my pretty oxblood boots that were sent to me from Deichmann. Deichmann have a great instagram competition on the go right now where you simply have to take a photograph of your favourite shoes and tag @Deichmann_UK using hash tag #ADayInMyDeichmanns to win a trip for two to Milan! Pretty Neato!

Wow, that was a lot of writing, I'll try be more present in future so that I don't reflect in such a soppy way. Hope you lot are well and that you are all set for the winter weather! 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Fuck It She's Fabulous!

Remember a while back when I covered the Ulster Graduate Fashion show, and picked out my top five new designers? Well, Chloe Dougan is back with her new Autumn//Winter range, and it is flippin' fabulous!

This season Chloe takes a step away from her hell-inspired last collection, but it would seem she still has a little devil left in her. The new bespoke garments mix vintage fits and luxury quality leathers to create a current and edgy collection.

Working with photographer Erin Elizabeth Kelly, (the lady who brings fashion and erotica together) and model Rebecca Maguire (Miss NI 2012 and Ex Miss Ireland), Chloe was able to put together the perfect look-book for her new designs. I am super impressed by the new pieces, with my favourite being the berry red plunge dress with the beautiful intricate embroidery - Raunchy or what? I think that it really exciting when artists come together like this and show that Belfast is not oh-so-traditional like some might think.

Currently undergoing a Residency in Fashion and Textile art, Chloe is just gearing up to launch her collection at Belfast Fashion Week, and I for one and excited to see even more of this lady's work in the future.

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks to see a collaboration post with Chloe Dougan Designs and VENT//threads - it's going to be Fabulous!

Keep up to date on Chloe Dougan Designs on facebook and instagram.
Click here to buy tickets for BFW (and be sure to check out Chloe's designs strut the catwalk!).

Also be sure to check out some of Erin Elizabeth Kelly's work on her facebook, or uncensored work on her website.

Remember to tune in for our collaboration post next month!

Monday, 1 September 2014

In West Philadelphia.. | Major Life Update



How flippin' Fresh Prince is this skirt!? I was having a wee bit of a wardrobe slump and decided I needed a little life and colour to my rail so I nabbed this beauty.

I think my love for midi/maxi skirts stems from my laziness with putting outfits together in the morning. I love how a big print will set a statement and all you need are your simple staples (ie: white tee and gutties). The print on this skirt is a bit mental, even for me, but a perfect burst of bright before the summer leaves us and it's back to winter burgundy and browns.

This week I made a HUGE life decision to not return to uni. Not a popular decision either. But I have come to realize that the course I was studying (and always thought I wanted to do) wasn't really all I thought it was, and caused me more stress and grief than anything. I have heard only too often of students realizing 'too late' that the degree they were studying just wasn't right for them, but they were going to stick it out anyway and get it over and done with. But that approach just wasn't for me.
At the start of the year I talked about how my course triggered a lot of panic attacks and caused a lot of anxiety that I ended up having to leave university and take a lot of time out from work and general city life. In the last few weeks with the knowledge that term time was up and coming I was becoming more and more anxious about the idea of returning and I was even having sleepless nights at the thought of panic attacks. 

This does not mean I am going to lead an uneducated life running away from university! I plan on returning to a degree more suited for me next year and I have already started looking at my options...I am even excited about it!

But what now then?
Yellow Submarine in Belfast have taken me on as a full-time Vintage lady and I have been getting trained on how to do ALL THE THINGS! Working there has been an absolute dream, and privilege. The team are so fabulous, hilarious and down-to-earth, and the atmosphere is always so warm. I have learnt so much about vintage sales and I have found even more passion for vintage fashion - I really am loving every minute. So, this year will be spent getting to grips with the business and surrounding myself with all of the beautiful clothes and interesting characters. Bliss.
I am also going to be blogging my way through it all, so hopefully you guys are still interested and continue checking in every so often!

Stay in school kids,

Monday, 25 August 2014

With a Mind So Dark and Skin So White



Lately, I have been nabbing so many beautiful things from work, with the latest being this amazing cardigan cover up thang. I love the fact that I can throw it on over a very minimalist outfit and it will automatically make the outfit extravagant. Granted it's not exactly warm, but it most things that are fabulous, are generally not very practical, so I think I can deal with it for a few nights out on the tiles.

These photos were shot just across the road where I live, in one of the most dodgiest looking alleyways I have seen in a while. There were two lads graffiti-ing and some big lad shouting at his dog just up the path from us. But the shots look pretty sweet with this monochrome theme on the go. You guys don't understand how blooming cringey it is posing in the public for these things - but it allows me to check off my 'do something that embarrasses you everyday' motto. By god it is embarrassing.

Suffer for my art. Deep.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Mama, You've Been On My Mind



This super casual outfit was thrown together in seconds, and oozes effortless coolness. It just goes to show that wardrobe staples like these can save you time, but still bring a simple statement.
White converse are a must for any girls wardrobe, and are definitely my 'go-to' shoe when I am wearing jeans. The MOM jean was made for converse and these A-MAAAZING Pepe Jeans in this coral pink colour are all bizz. Mom jeans aren't made for creating a flattering shape (well not on me anyway!) but they are the ultimate in cool jeans right now. Paired with a cotton gingham shirt, there is something very american girl next door about this outfit - and it would be really simple to recreate.

But here, I haven't had a chance to post much lately as my internet has been cut off in the await for a new wifi box thing, which hasn't arrived yet because I am a full-time working lady and I keep missing the Virgin guy! So, my bad, but there will be looooads of posts this week...and caramel macchiatos from Starbucks (as I steal free wifi!) so stay tuned and check back soon!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

MEMEBOX : Whole Grain Box

MEMEBOX were quite the generous bunch and sent me out another box of treats! This time it was the Whole Grain themed box, filled with goodies to buff away dead skin cells and encourage surface cell turnover. More or less, this box will leave you feeling brand new!

 All of the products were full sized 'samples' and it was a bit of a shock to find so much packed into such a tiny box!

First up were two Galacto Myces products. The first being a Purebess Galactomyces 80 Eye Cream (50m).  This cream works by locking in your skin's natural moisture and helping to even out those wrinkles. I applied the cream around my eyes and mouth where I suspect wrinkles will start creeping in. I doubt I am the best person to review this sort of thing, but it felt luxurious anyway! 

The second Galacto Myces product was the Purebess Galactomyces 100% (50ml). Instructions stated to use this product as the first step of your make-up routine, but I applied it after I got out of a shower. It works as a way of locking in your skins natural moisture and leaves you with glowing skin. It looks and feels like water, but I do think it left my skin feeling a lot softer. 

I am a loyal lush 'Let The Good Times Roll'er and I have been obsessed with it since it came out so I was super skeptical when I seen this Grinif Nature Oatmeal Scrub Bar. This works nicely though. I lathered the bar up with hot water, and scrubbed my face with the foamy goodness and washed it off. I would definitely say this is more of a daily face scrub than Lush's equivalent and it works really well too. And there is loads left too, so it would be value for money if you were to purchase it.

Then there were TWO Rice Bran Collagen Masks by Purederm. I was stoked about doing the whole face mask / looking like Shrek thing when I seen this masks, and to honest, a bit gutted when I found out it was a sheet mask. Yeah, it was a hell of  a lot less messy, and definitely a lot less hassle, but I always think that the gunk works much better. But I went ahead and tried it out anyway.. and I was proved wrong. It worked really well and my face felt super plump or something (that does not sound appealing but it was super refreshing). I am so glad that they sent out two because I really enjoyed the effect from the first one!

I had previously heard about the Purederm Heat Therapy Mask in Aveena Oatmeal on other Beauty Blogs, and the reviews were pretty fifty fifty. But I went in with an open mind.  The size of the sample was huge and I have never used a facemask from a bottle before. I was excited to finally get the whole Shrek face on the go, but the consistancy of this product was so watery and translucent, that it was even difficult to get it to stay put.  With that aside, the fragrance of the mask was sweet and stronger than your average - and the product did heat up quite a bit. Results were great and my face was really smooth after this mask, and felt silkier than before after the collagen mask.

 Botanical Choice's Daily Moisturizing Hand Mask in Oatmeal was a truely hot addition to my face-mask // hairdye get up. I looked mental. But hey, if you're gonna pamper yourself, why not go all out? I popped the gloves on for about fifteen minutes, and it was just like wearing damp gloves, but by the end of it all, they were feeling a lot smoother than normal. I am always washing my hands in work, and after a year of that, they have really dried out. Methinks I might need to invest in more deep-moisture hand masks / moisturizers because the effects were really great.

I got the basin of hot water out for this one and I started scrubbing away at my feet with the Purederm Invigorating Foot Scrub in Walnut. It had apricots and walnuts through out it to help scrub off all the dodgy dead bits and left my feet feeling very smooth. I am always so lazy about pedicures but when I do, it always feels super luxurious! They recommended using about a third of the packet, but I hate using sachets of products without being able to put a lid back on it, so I went all out with this bad boy.