Saturday, 24 January 2015


Embrace each day with love, try new things and make life an adventure.
Cliché shit like that fills my Instagram feed, but despite being 
über inspiring and bringing the hope that we can all fulfill dreams, who really wakes up and sings these phrases to themselves in the morning like some sort of real-life Disney romantic?
With that said, I would love to have myself a little morning mantra (other than 'try not be a dickhead today') as a reminder to push myself out of my ordinary lifestyle pattern and live a little. 

My manthang is an inspirational rad person & generally makes me want to be a better human (which is greater than a mantra if you ask me). Recently I have been trying stuff I wouldn't have even thought of doing before. One being sushi.
'So fuck!?' I hear you cry. But yes! In my unexceptional twenty two and a half years on this earth, sushi was uncharted territory and I was happy to go through life without having tasted some weird balls of 'what the hell even is that?' with a side of raw fish (I mean, should it not be battered and piping hot?). I gave it a shot, and it was indeed an awesome experience in my mouth. Hats off to you, Japan!

See, it doesn't take much to have a little adventure, and sometimes you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home. Just say yes to any opportunities that come your way (stranger the better!). Last week I said yes to featuring in a rap (yes, rap) video and I got to spend a few hours with the cutest doge Nina. What a weird but great day. I'll link the video when it goes online for your amusement!

illustration by meee (:

Monday, 19 January 2015


It's pretty neat that people ask me about how the blog is going and take interest in what I do. Don't get me wrong, I nearly always take a beamer and get a bit embarrassed about talking about it, but it's really sweet to get a little acknowledgement.

See, I know that some people think 'Ahh she just posts loads of pointless selfies online' or she's just 'desperate for people to pay attention and like' her (thanks for that one anon comment-er!). And yeah, I do really want to be likable - but who doesn't? With exception to Katie Hopkins (what a shit-stirrer). It really does take a lot more guts than that to run a blog. I write in a way that I feel I would talk in person and about stuff that I am genuinely interested in (otherwise it would be a drag). And I guess I just hope that other people out there reading are interested or like-minded? Mehh I dunno!

Hats off to anyone who puts themselves out there - whether you are an artist, or a nail-artist, a blogger, vlogger, musician, baker, or pod-cast maker. You all have big balls to share your art and bits of you to possibly thousands of strangers. It can be scary but overall a really rewarding thing to do, and frankly has made me think more, learn more and has lead a lot of interesting conversations. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it!

You will notice below a little illustration by the talented Ally Black. This marks the start of artwork featuring on the blog. I think it will be a lovely addition and a great way to showcase some local talent. If you are interested in being featured then be sure to drop me an email, I would be only too happy to see it!

illustration by Allyson Black Design

Above I am wearing a bubble shift dress made from a scuba material from ASOS. The dress is not a flattering shape, and certainly adds some extra weight to my silhouette (but after Christmas it is a blessing to not be showing off my shape!).
Absolutely in love with this unicorn clutch, but it is super impractical as it can only carry my phone and possibly some change - but hey it looks cute.
& ofcourse my beautiful boots from Missguided are featured again. I love these bad-boys as they are very comfortable, but add a bit of height and rock to any outfit!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


So far this month I have spent my nights cleaning and rearranging my home here in Belfast. (How many people actually clean their microwave on a regular basis? Or the goddamn oven?- how does it even get that bad?) I have been organizing all my stuff and donating/selling the things I don't need and just haven't bothered to get rid of yet. We are talking mainly about decorative clutter and my (excessive) wardrobe.

Every fashion-conscious girl has been through the agony of a wardrobe clear out. The struggle to let go, the pain of bagging it up and that sort of lost feeling when you have all this extra space in your drawers that once bulged.  But once you clear out, getting dressed in the morning becomes so much easier, because you know you love each piece that made the team. It gives you this sense of having your shit together (even if you don't actually). Now my rail is filled with classic and quirky pieces & this WhitePepper Angel Cuff Smock Dress is one of them.

Believe it or not, this is a small and the fit is perfect. I have such a love-affair with smock dresses and despite them not creating the most feminine of silhouettes, they are the perfect day-to-night dresses for me. Like all of the WhitePepper's dresses, their choice of materials and quality is perfection and they will forever be my favourite designer brand. I have had a look at their vintage range (which are reworked pieces) and I likey - so if you are looking to treat yourself, check it out their site (I swear this is not a sponsored post, I just reeeally love them!). I've had my eye on their little heart necklace for a year now - so darn cute.

Sunday, 11 January 2015


Recent years have brought about a huge change in the way I spend my days. Living in the city, a fair bit away from my family home, it can become easy to feel a little lost and homesick when you get a break from busy life.

I have been trying hard to visit home more often and squeeze quality time into those little hours, but sometimes it can be genuinely difficult to find space in hectic life agendas.
This is why it is key to have a really tight friendship circle. Everyday I count my blessings with the people that surround me. We eat together, shop, laugh, dance, drink, sleep aside one another and most of all we really care about each other, like a family.  For the first time, it honestly feels like my life is more like 'Friends' than I thought was ACTUALLY possible (we even have little hand gestures and catchphrases now - would sicken ye). I can't imagine just how different things would be if I didn't have this amazing support system! Well, I think it's safe to say that despite the new year kicking off a fortnight ago, I am still in a soppy reflective mood!

Here are my wee Kodak Moments from my New Years. These are the only photographs that I remembered to use the flash on; because alcohol. uh..

Thursday, 8 January 2015


I shot this outfit in town with my housemate just before Christmas when we were in full blown present buying mode - Something I could have never done without copious amounts of organization and list making.

I am such a compulsive list maker, for pretty much every aspect of my life. I write lists for work, home, blogging, packing, cleaning, shopping...and the list goes on. hmm.
I love it so much I feel the need to write about it!

It is bound to be good for the mind though! Life gets so hectic and you have to try and squeeze as much into your day as possible, sometimes it can be a bit hard to keep on track of everything in your mind, so writing it gives you the freedom to forget about everything and concentrate on one task at a time. Recently, however, I have been finding it rather difficult to wind the flip down after a hard days graft and tend to get hung up on the little things I didn't manage to get done; which is never good - so perhaps writing helpful lists can turn out being a little bit of a nagging pain.
But lets face it, who doesn't love that absolutely satisfying scribble across the page as you check something off your list - and even more so when you criss-cross the entire page done! Absolutely glorious if you ask me!
You guys feel the same though, right?


Here I am wearing :
Blue Cord Pinafore : Urban Renewal @ Urban Outfitters
White shirt : Cooperative @ Urban Outfitters
Chelsea Boots : Topshop
Geiger Boiled Wool Walking Coat
Vintage Cashmere Scarf : Yellow Submarine Belfast
Bag : Urban Outfitters


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