Thursday, 4 December 2014

'Tis The Season To Be Partying!

Hey Chummies!

It's that time of year again where we all turn to glitzy dresses and sky high heels and hit the tiles, despite bad weather - It makes no sense really, but I love it.

I recently had a little spree with the Black Friday Sales & gave myself a few little treats before I am rinsed with christmas shopping. After all, nothing makes a girl feel all warm and fuzzy inside better than a spree! 

I really haven't been super busy as of late, and I have been settling into a bit of a winter routine of working, Netflix binge-ing and dinner dating. But to be honest, I am kind of glad for it. Party season is just around the corner with so many amazing events and gigs coming up, I will be begging for a break! (;

Over the next month VENT has quite the to do list as we have come across a few great opportunities, so I am very excited to get cracking on them this week. It came to my attention just today that VENT//threads will soon be one year old- and what an incredible year it has been. I don't think I have ever stuck to my guns on any hobby before quite as well as I have blogging, & I have to say, it has been a great experience and truly amazing to see just how much my life has changed within that time. It's strange to think about where I was in November of last year, and compare it to life now - and nearly unbelievable! So glad you guys have been there along for the ride.

Less of that, and more onto my minimal mess of an outfit.
This dress is crazy, bold, baggy but feminine all at once, and I love it! It is from the Yellow Submarine Belfast and a great little vintage find. I paired it with my long lost white chunky heels (these are still cool / so uncool that they're cool, right?). 
I really felt that there was no need for much accessorizing with this get up, but the clip on earrings matched the shoes a little too well that I had to give them a try.
I personally think that there is enough going on above my shoulders (what with my ridiculous fringe and hair colour) that I don't really suit earrings, but I might just have to invest in a few studs - maybe a little less garish for daily wear though!

Thanks for checking the blog out today,
I appreciate every view!
Now, get you those Party shoes on!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

But It's My Day Off!

Hey Chummies,

I am pretty sure we all have that laundry//dishes//mopping//spring cleaning day of the week where we intend to do all of the things that we just can't find the time to do on a working day. But when it creeps round it seems like you can't quite pull yourself to do all the chores on your only day off..

This is my life on repeat every week, but luckily enough I live in a fairly small flat with mild mess to pick up after myself.

Today was that day, and for once I actually got all my bits and bobs done! So much so that I treated myself to a hair mask (courtesy of MEMEBOX). Fifteen minutes later and I washed the gunk out to find out that I had VERY blue hair. It was horrifying. A sight I hope not to grace for very long. I have since tried bleaching my hair with a diluted down solution - didn't work. And now, after re-applying lilac hair colour, I have an ombre look with lilac roots to the horrid blue tips. A My Little Pony Reject.
Anyway, I am currently going to rock this look for a few days before taking a course of action towards a more manageable colour. 

Also, how hilarious is my comfy jumper that I picked up from work last week? You don't find beauties//uglies like this everyday, so I HAD to have it! I am wearing a pair of short Levis (not that you can see 'em!), with the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned (Next). See untidy kitchen for proof that housework simply comes after working. You really are a priority to me guys! (;

Hoping that you guys all have a great week!

Friday, 14 November 2014

Goth Girl Problems

Hey Chummies,

As you may have noticed in my latest post, I have dyed my hair! The change may or may not have come after watching ALL of Candidly Nicole and lusting after lilac locks.

So far the reviews have been positive, and the upkeep change has been next to nothing, so I can see it staying for a little while. One thing I have noticed with the change is my choice of clothing, as I have found myself wearing black on black on black (well, more than usual anyway!). This has made me look rather gothic, and whilst I don't mind dipping my toes into the black arts, I also don't have the bad ass bitch rep to keep up with it. Maybe I just need to work on my resting bitch face.

But hey, how sweet is this dress I picked up from Primark for a tenner? I am in love with the drop-waist come back right now and plan on picking up a few more of these beauties! My cape was unfortunately forgotten about in the back of my car for a whole year, and even more unfortunately only found after my car decided to kick the bucket. I absolutely love a good cape / jean combo and I look forward to styling it into my daily wear even more often. 
Again, I stuck on the statement floral crown sent from Flash Floozy at the start of 2014. I have a feeling these bad boys won't be going out of trend for another while yet!

Anywhooo.. must go purchase me a black cat,
Thanks for checking the blog out today!

M'C, xo

Monday, 10 November 2014

Vintage Giorgio Armani X Vecchio Vintage

Hey Chummies!

So last week I was contacted by Vecchio Vintage to do a collaboration post with one of their pieces. I was very excited and spent aaages deciding what item I wanted to style and finally chose, (this) beautiful Vintage Giorgio Armani dress with pretty pleats. 

I really wanted to chose an item that I genuinely loved and would wear in day-to-day life - which meant that I had to be able to dress it up and down. So here I have put together three looks; work, casual and night-out!


So obviously due to the fact I am trying to look like a smart, sophisticated young lady, glasses were a must. My trusty Missoni bad boys work well with the monochrome look I am going for here. I put a belt on to cinch in the wait and my black tassel loafers. My pink over-sized coat just HAD to make an appearance (as it does so often now, but I really do wear it everyday!)
All in all a very simple way of styling the item with staples in most wardrobes!


Being from Northern Ireland, Casual wear means one thing, Layering. So to make this outfit more wearable against the harsh weathers I put a grey jumper and jacket on. Layering my tights with socks is something I will do every winter as it is soooo much more warm on your toes and looks adorable. I then added a pop of colour to the outfit with my Mango necklace and peachy pink geek shoes. 
If the weather was any worst then I would have popped on another layer, but it was playing nice that day!


My favourite look from this post has to be the night look. I love getting vampy and I'm pretty sure I could pass it off as a goth here. 
Again I cinched the dress in with a skinny belt, put on my black platform boots and leather and it was a look ready for the tiles. I added the finishing touches with 'funliner', vampy lips (Revlon Colourburst) and a floral crown by FlashFloozy
Now I just need an excuse to go out so that I can wear this outfit.. 
(pfft like you need a reason!?)

I hope you guys found this post a little inspiring, and if you are interested in getting some of your own vintage designer goodies then be sure to check out Vecchio Vintage.

As always, the fantastic photography is by Matthew Johnston Photography. Go and check out his instagram too!(High Res Pictures of cats - what more do you want?)

Thanks for checking this out today!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Drop the Waist

Hey Chummies,

I was stuck for something to write about today - I have been really busy with work life and partying, which is never too exciting to read about. It has been a fairly busy week so it's surprising that I am stuck for words.

I've been thinking a lot about how much time I spend on the web as of late (and because my phone has been freaking out over it). I have come to realize that the internet has become a major part of my personal work (blogging, emailing &networking), my job (social media, advertising& emails) and yet I still turn to it for socializing. I feel like we are all becoming more and more reliant on the web for so many different aspects of our lives that it is so difficult to remember a time when our daily lives didn't need a connection to work.

It has been an amazing thing to watch technology develop over the last decade (remember before 2005 when Youtube wasn't even a thing?) and it is so interesting to see new technology - like 3D printers? Sorry what? 

But it does bring me to wonder just how much more will we feel a need to be stuck in-front of our screens in the next decade..

With this said I am a believer in spending time away from wifi-connections and getting lost in the REAL world. Just last weekend I took a trip up to the north-coast to visit my family and friends, and I managed to leave my phone at home or in my car for a large majority of the time. There is always the worry of 'what if something happens and you need to call someone for help?' but I think we all made it through the nineties and early naughties just fine, so it can be OKAY! Maybe we should all think about taking a chance and stepping away from our screens, even just for a few hours, and go explore!

On the day these photographs were taken, we explored deeper into the back alleyways of my street, further than we have ever gone before. I was so stoked to find this graffeti in the most bubblegum pink colour I have ever seen. It was sickeningly sweet and these snaps had to be taken.
See me sport my favourite Primark coat with an ASOS drop-waist gaudy dress. I am slowly starting a collection of ugly but fabulous dresses that are definite man-repellents, but sure.

I hope you guys don't stay glued to your screens too long after finishing this post (;

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Glenmore Girls

Hey Chummies,

Today I bring you my review from the stay at Glenmore Manor. The FABB girls (Ruth of Willow Lane, Bex of FaeriWood, Carolyn of Forever Scarlet, Rosanna of SilverBrogues) and I were lucky enough to have been invited by Eileen and Diane to visit the Manor and make the most of what they had to offer.

When we arrived we were allowed to choose what room we would like to stay in. I chose the Peacock Butterfly room, which was decorated with beautiful butterfly wallpaper and fabulous luxurious blue bed-sheets. The en-suite had a large shower and dressing table and made me feel like a queen.

After getting settled in, we sat in-front of the fire and got to know each other (and Eddie, the house cat) a little better over a glass of wine and nibbles. The relaxed vibes were flowing throughout the house and it was a really chill place to be.

Dinner in the dining room was laid beautiful with a golden pumpkin themed center-piece. A tasty Indian dinner was prepared for us and I had daal for the first time (DAAL-icious..), and I am definitely a fan! Despite eating more than I necessary, and feeling super bloated, I was still super stoked for slipping into the Jacuzzi and having a splash in the pool!

The pool was definitely a highlight for me, as I grew up with swimming lessons and enjoying swimming regularly, but it had been years since I had a dip! The Jacuzzi was the perfect blogger meet up space, as we sat and drank wine and chatted our way into the early hours. Having full reign of the house, all hours, is such an appealing trait of the Manor as in this day and age people are more nocturnal than ever, and getting to plan your own agenda without time limits is such a great idea.

The next morning I woke up after a night of purring in my ear.  Mr.Eddie had taken a liking to my bed and I was only too happy to share my space with the little furball. The view from my bedroom was beautiful and I felt so relaxed taking my time showering and pampering myself a little.
Continental breakfast was a great way to start the day before I got picture happy and took all of my photographs for you guys to look at!

All in all, I really enjoyed my trip away and I would definitely recommend it to small groups who have something to celebrate - or perhaps for a great extended family get together! 

If you are thinking about visiting Glenmore Manor, be sure to check out their website here, and like them on facebook, here! Don't hesitate to drop them an email if you have any questions at all and one of the lovely ladies will get back to you quickly!

A big thank you to Glenmore Manor for having us stay, and I hope to visit again soon!

With a final big thanks to Bex for being such a queen! My car broke down just as I was about to leave to drive to Lurgan and she saved the day by picking me up! Unfortunately the next morning the same thing happened to her and we had to get help from some of the neighbours for a jumpstart. You're a wee gem! xx