Friday, 1 May 2015


There's a smell of change in the air at the moment. I'm not sure whether it is just me, the weather or if it is the end of an era - but what am I saying goodbye to? I don't know.

The usual summertime move is coming up and I will be saying goodbye to my lovely flatmate and saying hello to a new home. I have been researching houses for sale in the south Belfast student areas as my parents are looking to buy a house up here for their little beloved weins to live in and rent out to students. It's all very up in the air but I am stoked for it. With that said, I'm really gonna miss the overly girly, heat-box where there has been plenty of Dr.Phil episodes alongside bottles of wines, midnight feasts delivered, singalongs, a bit of crying, and a shit tonne of craic. It's always sad when you have to move out of a home and a routine to start a new one, but I'm sure it will be a great new chapter!

In other news, Belfast Bikes are a go-go! I signed up for a years use of them (only twenty dabs like!) and I can't wait to get out on them! They were put out on the day I left for my little weekend trip away to Glasgow & Manchester (Kodak moments coming soon), so I have yet to make use of them. I am sure they will come in so handy for little bike rides along the Lagan Towpath and for getting in and out of town even quicker. Have any of you signed up to use the bikes yet? I am kind of feared to use them for the first time in case I mess up and/or get too frustrated and aggressive towards the machine, or someone will video me weeping in confusion and it will be as viral as the Holylands Parking Fail.

This outfit in the post above was sent to me from a brand called Batoko. They have a lot of bright and bold pieces on their site that definitely make a statement - kind of perfect for the upcoming festival season. I opted for the Heart Stamp Co-Ord but I really like their range of Swimwear too, especially the 'BaeWatch' suit - amazing! 
I will say that I got my sizing in M-L rather than S-M because I'm not exactly one for flashing the flesh and much prefer a co-ord that overlaps than to show my mid-rift.
My shirt is a men's Levi shirt from Yellow Submarine Belfast and I got my ''raaaaybans'' from Camden when I visited London last month. 

Saturday, 25 April 2015


Things I love: Sightseeing, experiencing other cultures and weekend getaways.

Things I hate: traveling. 

Well, I actually enjoy a train journey and I have mastered the art of the bus nap (after years of resting on strangers shoulders). I can really appreciate a few hours on transport with a good book or catching up on work / sleep. All except the transport that happens hundreds of miles above Earth.

Unfortunately as I live in Northern Ireland I have to grab a flight to get out of the country and end up boarding a quite a few each year. It's hell off earth. Suffering from panic attacks leaves me believing that as soon as I am onboard I will inevitably freak out and have no way of escaping the claustrophobic scenario and there would be a 100% chance that I will die mid-air. Ofcourse this is untrue and all in my head but it doesn't take away from the fact that airplanes are insane and flying is MENTAL. This is something I am working on overcoming before my next flight (this week).

Usually I prep for flying by ignoring the fact that it is happening and that I'm going to be getting on any flights then a few nights beforehand I will start worrying and often dreaming about all of the things that could, but rarely happen. I understand that looking at the statistics of flying and safety, my fear is fairly irrational, but it can be very hard to think about how safe it is when you're strapped to a chair in the air.
Anyway, I'm planning on watching a tonne of videos about how aircrafts work and how to deal with not melting down in small spaces that just so happen to be mid-air. The last time I researched ideas on how to overcome fear of flying was to listen to loads of cheery beats when you're waiting to board, then a Buddy Holly track came on and I read it as a sign that I was going to follow in his footsteps. We shall see how this one works out.

Despite the trouble with travelling, I am excited about my pre-summer holiday trip next week. Will be really nice getting some down time away from home with some good people. Any must do/see tips for Glasgow? Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


I can really be the most pro-active mother flipper in Northern Ireland, or the laziest sod who keeps putting things off until another day. 

Recently I have been procrastinating doing any kind of laptop based work as much as I can, from watching A LOT of Friends to having day-pints to take me away from having to do anything. This could be why I have been posting on here with quite big breaks in between posts. Don't get me wrong, I haven't fallen out of love with blogging, as I am constantly inspired to write about various things, but it's finding the time to grab cameras, shoot, develop and sit down to put everything together (when I could be sitting in the sun sipping a cocktail!). Good weather has definitely played a part in my under-active, work-shy lifestyle right now.

Last week I took it upon myself to declare summers arrival (despite it only being April) - I booked myself a sneaky trip to Glasgow with a friend, Climbed Cavehill and even pulled out my summer wardrobe (a bag of various white dresses and crochet shorts). Now, I am pretty sure that the shit weather is only around the corner and things can't go on this way, so until then I am going to make the most of my evening sunshine strolls and concentrate on having the craic until I knuckle back down to making more content. Because, dare I say it, YOLO. ho ho ho.

Next week will be one of those 'super pro-active get-shit-done' kind of weeks as I have just been sent some blogger-mail goodies that I will be writing about; I'm excited about getting stuck into that! I also recorded a song last week with two of my gal pals Nuala Davies (Nuala Rude) and Cheylene Murphy (Wonder Villains), and Belfast rapper Brendan Seamus (BeeMickSee), so we will be working on getting visuals done and I will be sure to link it for y'all to see! But until then, I will leave you with another Kodak Moments from a recent trip to London, days along the North Coast and a recent Blogger event I attended with Ginger Snaps Vintage at the Mr&Mrs Stitch Headquarters for the launch of The Stitch. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


 In your twenties you start to really notice your friendships drifting.
During school you are stuck together all week in class together and over the weekend too, then throughout uni you live with your pals and socialize most nights; but then comes the weird in-between period.
You convince yourself that you are too old to act like a student, but too young to be an adult. Pals begin to focus on careers and relationships and getting everybody together can be a lot of work, but sometimes you can forget how good we have it now. 

By their mid-twenties, my rents had already popped out a few weins and got themselves a mortgage and real-adult jobs, and that was the norm. But I can't imagine how much more difficult things could be if all of my mates were shacked up and I wanted to plan a party-filled night out or a girly-night-in. We are all blessed to spend these days living together and getting to experience a great social life. 

This weekend me and the goirlz are heading to another Tease-O-Rama in the Black box and I am so stoked for the glitter elaganza to come! Something to look back on with a smile when I'm stuck in the house changing nappies, ey?

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