Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Come Away With Me


Hey Chummies,

So I am still struggling with getting my internet connection working! SO SO TRAGIC.. How did people ever function without a WIFI connection before?

I am about to start another shift in my new job (dream job might I add!) and I thought I would pop into a coffee shop and quickly add this little update.I am really excited about my new job in Yellow Submarine (remember that place I did a collaboration post with here?). It is going to tie in so well with the blog as I plan to get cracking on the WHO//WHAT//WEAR posts during my shifts in there (because the customers are just so goddamn stylish!) So hopefully that means I will be able to update more often. I can't wait to share some of the things I have been working away on in there (ie: murals and styling).

These images were taken on the same day as the last post. How was I to pass up weather like that without making the bloggy most of it!? 

I am in love with this boho shorts courtesy of Missguided. They are definitely the shortest piece of clothing I own, but I am getting the legs out because the weather was just too warm to wear tights! It was crazy to think that Ireland was even that warm!

I am leaving Boojum (a Mexican burrito bar I have worked in for over a year) in the next week and I am really excited about making the most of my last month of summer before going back to student life again! I can't wait for my free time as it will mean that I will have so much more going on, and can Vlog more, which is something that I just haven't been thinking about much, until now. My first Vlog will be up this week, and despite how messy and poorly edited it is, I hope that I can better myself at it, and be a little entertaining!

Something else that was a great surprise was finding out that VENT//threads had been nominated by you lot for a place in the Ireland Blog Awards under the Best Newcomer Blog award, and the Best Fashion Blog Award. This is a really neat thing as I never publicized the idea of even voting for vent and it has really made me passionate about bringing more content to you loyal fabulous weirdos who have taken the time to read me jabber on (like right now) and sneakily vote. Gosh, Love you like.

You are the best best BEST!

Monday, 28 July 2014

Had Me A Blast, Happened So Fast.

dress : newlook*
kimono : newlook
socks : lazy oaf
boots : topshop
earrings : pretty please
sunnies : primark

Hey Chummies!

I am writing this post from a Starbucks because our internet has been cut off for no reason and I have no idea how to fix it..without the internet. Typical ey?

I am actually so paranoid that somebody might be sitting behind me reading what I write, or just thinking I am a vein wee shite for posting photographs of myself on the web. How ridiculous a thought to come from someone who solely posts images of herself onto the internet.

And believe it or not, it has really taken a bit of time getting used to the camera and building up the confidence to wear outfits like this one.
I have always had issues with the size of my legs, and even more-so my pale pastey-ness, and letting my arms out without hiding them behind a cardigan is something that I have only started feeling comfortable doing this year. 
Hell yeah, it takes confidence and guts to be a big poser don't ya know?

I would also like to point out that this dress was on back to front all day; which is something I should have guessed earlier when my boobs kept peeking out. But it's still a really pretty summer dress! White is taking over my wardrobe and I am falling for boho chic once more!

Anyway, I must finish editing my first vlog so that you guys can get nosey at what I got up to on this day! (;

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

'Keep Your Naked Flesh, Under Your Favourite Dress'

Hey Chummies!

Last, but not least, from the Tattered&Torn collection, comes this mammoth skirt in a simple tartan design.
This skirt is seriously impressive, and does all the talking whilst you dress down the rest of your outfit. The material is of such a great quality, and despite being a size up from my own, I am still in love with it.

Maxi/midi-skirts are such a handy trend as they do all of the talking. They can be really great for work, and last minute outings when all you want to do is wear a plain tee, but not quite sure how to jazz your outfit up a little.  I always tend to wear my maxi's with my trusty topshop cut out boots and cropped biker jacket, and it always goes down a treat. However, I absolutely love a maxi paired with some classic converse and loose fitting jersey for a more relaxed look.

See again, that simple black crop-top from Missguided. This is how I would personally style it (and have since this shoot). I love the look with the biker jacket and long-line necklace, as the mix in lengths make things a little more exciting, without flashing too much flesh. And with such a big skirt, it can be a good thing to flash a little up top to even it out!

Anyway, I have really enjoyed showcasing the fashion by Tattered&Torn and I am super stoked for the opening of the new online sales. I will keep you lot informed of it's opening, along with links, when the time comes.

Hope you lot are having a fabulous summer!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

She Wears A Crown

Hey Chummies,

Today I am showcasing my favourite look from the Tattered&Torn collection. This look has super punk vibes with a casual spin. Check out those home-torn tights by yours truly!!

In the last year tartan really had it's time to shine, and now that the over-worn trend has dyed down, wearing tartan has come back to become a reflection of it's punk roots.
One of my favourite things about high-waisted skirts, is wearing a crop top with confidence. You get to flash the flesh, whilst hiding all sins- Amen!

Every girl has a go to jacket that goes with everything, and you could turn to this amazing over-sized Levi Denim for a bargain from T&T. I could see this jacket fitting in well along-side my leather and kimonos very comfortably!

And can we all take a minute to witness the glory of this floral crown by Flash Floozy. I got this in the post just before I took a break from blogging and it waited patiently before it had a chance to shine. And boy is she a beauty! Flash Floozy have an absolutely stunning range of products in their store, and I will be sure to be featuring more of their stuff in upcoming summer shoots, so keep your eyes peeled!
If you are still on the hunt for your floral headband (it is festival season after all!), then be sure to check out the store, here.

Only one more Tattered and Torn post left to share! 
Did you guys enjoy this collaboration?

M'C Dallat xo

Monday, 14 July 2014

Bubble Pop Electric

Hey Chummies!

Today's post has gone a little Colour-Crazy! Tattered&Torn have a collection of Levi-Shorts to sell and here are an amazing pale blue high-waisted pair in a size 6/8 that are going for only £18. Madness. The high-waisted denim short is a summer staple for every girls wardrobe, and I have a few different types, from the baggy boy-look, to the tight butt-bearing bad boys!

I am also wearing a psychedelic hand-dyed tee, also by Tattered&Torn. These seem to be all the rage for festival-goers and I have sported a few in my own time. My best friends and I just bought our tickets for Forfey Festival, and we are super excited to be spending a weekend together, road-tripping and camping (oh, and listening to sweet-beats!).

I wore some blue accessories with this outfit (that never get to leave my wardrobe as they are a little outlandish) and they actually work really well. The sunnies and bag are both from asos, which is not very surprising as I tend to turn to asos for all of my eye-wear for summer. Their range of sunnies are amazing and always decent value.

Hope this post has gotten you in a fabulous festival frenzy!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sleepless in this City

Hey Chummies,

Today I am sharing only one image from the shoot with TATTERED&TORN that features this insane jumper that goes with everything and nothing all at once. The perfect hangover snuggle-friend.

The 12th of July (Orangeman's Day) has just passed by, and despite getting a day off work, like most people, I hibernated and watched from behind my laptop.
As the hateful bigoted and outrageously racist show played out all over the city, I couldn't help but feel saddened by how poorly this reflects on a city I have grown to love.
Belfast is my home now; filled with talented people, culture and amazing scenery. It is such a let down to know that there are people who walk the streets I do whose actions have made me sick to the bone over the last few days.
How embarrassing.

One positive aspect that I tend to focus on, is knowing that there are a larger majority of Belfast's population who oppose the display of hate and are sharing their views on social media sites. The internet has a great power now to get voices heard, without resorting to violence. I can only hope that people get more educated and that this city can finally unite in peace.
Wishful thinking, ey?


Saturday, 12 July 2014

Love on a Rooftop

Hey Chummies!

Today I have another outfit in Collaboration with both Tattered&Torn and Missguided, and this time I have gone full-blown-festival!

The gilet and scarves (Tattered&Torn) have become quite the festival favourite, but wearing two in one go can be a bit much. Here, the contrasting green and red work pretty well together, and with the understated outfit, add the right amount of pizzazz! 

Again I am featuring the bralet, which is very wearable once you layer it up! Also by Missguided are these AMAZING crotchet doiley-esque high-waisted shorts. I am in love and plan to pull these bad boys out all summer, so you can expect to see these again!
I was very naughty for climbing on my neighbor's roof, but I am a professional, so please do not try this at home! And as always, I hope I inspired a few of you, and made you feel a little festival-frenzy!